Local SEO

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Local SEO is a great way to get more exposure in your home town or city. Who still uses the Yellow Pages? No one. Google is it. They are always fine tuning their local search results. Every now and then Google will release an update that improves search results in your city, town and even your neighborhood. A blessing for local businesses and it’s getting better all the time. As someone who builds and maintains websites for a living,  optimizing content is hugely important to the success for any online business owner, you just have to put time into it.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your site. Just remember to become the person who is doing the local search. If you are good at figuring out what others are searching for then your website should reap the benefits of local SEO optimization.

Local SEO Tips:

  • When optimizing your website for local SEO, think local only.
  • Network with other groups and communities with similar interests. Facebook and other social media platforms are great for this. 
  • Think about all the possible search phrases and keywords your visitors and competitors are using.
  • Go over your titles, descriptions carefully.
  • All of your images should have ALT tags containing keyphrases surrounding your business locally.
  • Become your potential customer.

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