HostMonster to InMotionHosting

After almost 10 years with I decided to switch to

During these last 8 months with HostMonster my experience has not been a good one. Between their inability to control DDoS attacks and my sites going down a few times per month, it was just eating too much of my time. However, there was a time HostMonster was a very good web host. This is not the case as of this post. HostMonster tech support say, the company is going through a lot of changes. Hopefully they get this under control before it ends up hurting their brand. Good luck to HostMonster.

After some research I signed up at The thing that sold me was they include SSD’s in all their web hosting plans and their up time is almost perfect. Now that my websites run on SSD drives they run much faster. As for working in cPanel everything is very snappy with no lag at all. SSD’s really do make a big difference in website performance and backend management. As far as I know, inmotionhosting is one of the first to offer SSD’s on a shared hosting plan for lower than average prices. HostMonster’s cPanel use to lag me out from time to time, or my FTP client simply would not connect. My connection speeds are (100mb/30mb).

Anyway, I will be testing my new web host “inmotionhosting” over the next 3 months and will post a follow up to this article.

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